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Candlebox Quotes

Will I cry for you as I die for you? Is this blood on my hands all for you? ~You

A puppet in my hand Iíll hold you, Strung out on the line I sold you. ~Bothered

Never see what I need to kill for. ~Butterfly

Iíve seen chains that bear less, snap and fall long before you let go. ~Simple Lessons

But then someday comes tomorrow holds a sense of what I feel for you in my mind. ~Far Behind

Frustrated and Anxious to grow, Addressed in clothes that never fit my mind. ~Drowned

But I've worn all those patches in my dreams. Always broken at the seams. ~Mother's Dream

Yes I know now its all on my own, Yes I know now I'll watch as you go. ~Blossom

Weíre all scarred up from ages of childish games. Yet Iíve never seen your head up higher. ~Simple Lessons

I don't need to blow out your candle- It's only burning at both ends ~Don't You

Times run over your sink onto my floor, Itís ok, weíve cleaned them many times before. ~Simple Lessons

And I can see things so clearly, through tear-stained eyes. ~It's Alright

I'm bailing you out of this life, take another glance then close your eyes. ~Blinders

Your gold is silver, my blue is gray, it's all held together by Cellophane tape. ~Sometimes

Anything I can do? I can do anything. ~Vulgar Before Me

Can you feel my pain, as you walk on by? ~Blossom

See I'll show you things, never seen before, for your mind to untangle on your own- all alone. ~Blossom

Everyone's hanging on, hanging on my words. It kills the thrill in being divine. ~Sometimes

Maybe I will and maybe I won't. Maybe I can't, but God only knows, I won't be the puppet strings you hold on. ~Look What You've Done

With so little time, its so hard to find somewhere to go. ~Offerings

How can you only see rejection, when I've offered all I have to you? ~Step Back

I'll be here to watch you shudder, I'll be the one that holds you under. ~Happy Pills

I owe all I loathe to you. ~So Real

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