The Chameleon Club. Lancaster, PA. Dec 8th, 1998 by KRiSTEN.

when the show started, i was about 3 people back, all the way against the right wall... then sometime around "cover me" some kid jumped up on stage and security dragged him off.. kevin said "hey theres some movement" and after that the crowd went nuts, all moshing around and shit. it was hard for me to see, considering how i was being smashed into the wall... but i fought my way up front and i was right in front of pete. i took a whole shitload of pics and i guess i got a bit carried away cuz i ran out of film before i met them afterwards... but i'll get back to that later...
anyway.... i dont remember the setlist exactly, but it was (not in this order):
a stone's throw away
far behind
best friend
happy pills
simple lessons
cover me
10,000 horses
its alright
i think thats it.... it was really cool and you could tell the band was having a good time and all, much more so than when i saw them in philly.
afterwards, i waited by the bus with my friend george. bardi came outside first, he was signing stuff and i wanted to ask him to sign something but i got all shy and stood there like a dumbass staring at him. right before he got on the bus i asked if he would sign my pants. (i meant to say "shirt" but i guess i was nervous, but its better since i dont have to wash these pants, they are silver vinyl.) robbie signed them next, and totally wrapped his arm aroung my leg..... then pete signed them, then kevin. i didnt meet dave. kevin said, "you're gonna ruin your pants with my autograph?" then i think i said something intelligent like... "no"... and then i gave him a hug!! it rocked...

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