December 11th, 1998 @ Michigan State Theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Jenn

I'd been extremely excited about this show for weeks on end. I listened to the self titled cd so much that it now skips on all of my favorite songs. The day of the show came and I was all equipped with a camera, tape recorder, the works. We got to the venue with enough time to see Candlebox' whole set, but unfortunately we missed Goodness and the Hunger (again!). They played a lot of the really good songs, but yet again, left out Cover Me. In between nearly every song, Kevin made the audience aware of how much he "fucking hated that venue and how he promised to never go there again." I thought it was cool, because the security were assholes and wouldn't let us move without them breathing down our necks. Anyway, the show was incredible. Their first encore was pretty much all acoustic songs (meaning Kevin had an acoustic and everyone else was on normal instruments). The first song I remember was "Sometimes," which was totally beautiful because the first half was just Kevin playing. They played several cover songs, originally by Tom Petty, Janis Joplin, Ted Nugent, and a few others. During the Tom Petty song, "American Girl," which was the first song of the second encore, I think, Kevin came out onstage equipped with drumsticks. Yes, drumsticks. He played drums on "American Girl!" Then, the best part was, he threw both sticks into the audience and I have one of them. =) The next song, also a cover song (I don't remember which one though), Dave came out and played bass. Bardi sat out that song. Some of the songs throughout the show were (in no order):

Don't You
Far Behind
Simple Lessons
10,000 Horses
Happy Pills
It's Alright
American Girl

There were a few more, obviously, since there were cover songs. All in all, it was an excellent show. After the concert was all over with, there was a little meet and greet the bands at a local bar, so we went and hung out with Kevin for a few minutes, got our picture taken, and took off. :)

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