3 Shows in California (April 12--16, 1999), by Parker

Lucky me!!! This past week (April 12--16 1999) was a good one for me. I was able to go to not 1, not 2, but 3 "BOX" shows. Living in Anaheim, CA was to my advantage as on 4/13, candlebox was in Ventura, CA (about 2 hrs north of me). Get off work early and get to the venue in plenty of time. After Ball & Goodness finished, the boys got on stage around 10:45. Kevin kept apologizing for his voice as he has "caught every #@&*% cold & flu bug you can catch on this tour". Although he could not hit some high notes he sounded great. They started out with Arrow and then into Simple Lessons. After playing a couple of Happy Pills, they went into some covers. "Does anyone like Reggae" Kevin shouted, and then the band broke into a little Exodous. Then after that ended Kevin did a solo "Redemption Song" which the crowd sang in unison. It was a show stopper. They also did some Pink Floyd. A note for note (another brick in the wall part 1,2). They performed excellent versions of Change, Dont You, You, Cover Me, Far Behind, 10,000 Horses, Breakaway, Sometimes, Stone's Throw..... They also did 2 excellent covers of American Girl & Surrender. The San Diego show was similar except they did no Reggae (Kevin asked the crowd if they were into Reggae but the response was not to great so they didn't do any) It was one hectic week, but well worth it. I'm now looking forward to my next "Box" road trip June 13//14 1999, to see the "Box" in Reno 6/13 Del Mar Station & 6/14 in San Francisco at the Fillmore (this was the show that was cancelled, in April, due to Peter having pre-pneumonia). Looking forward to seeing many more "Box" shows in the future (let's see, how many more vacation days do I have??????).

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