3 shows in California, 1999 by Parker

I was fortunate enough to see the last 3 Candlebox show (Reno, San Fran & Modesto) The first thing I want to say is by the end of that 3rd show, I was DEAD TIRED. I don't know how the band tours that extensively. When Kevin say's onstage that "being a singer is the worst job in the world" touring is one main reason why that is so true. Also I met some of the biggest box fans around. Hi Rozelle, Hi Cyrstal and a Big Time HI to the biggest fan of all Patty who has been to 100+ shows!!.WOW (And I though my 8 shows was a lot!.NAH) The main show I want to discuss is the Fillmore show in San Francisco. That might have been the greatest show!..EVER. The people of SF are great. I love that city. I though Southern Cali was happening but SF (& Northern Ca, in general) was the best.(so that's what it's like to breathe clean air ) The Modesto & Reno shows crowds were "rowdier" and craving a great band like Candlebox. The Reno show sold out and the Modesto show was within a few dozen tix from selling out (capacity 2200 hundred) The Reno & Modesto shows were 1 hrs in length. The SF show was about 2 hours. The band was so in sync and definitely gave it their all. Kevin hit every high note to perfection. Kevin also announced at the beginning of the show that it was being recorded for a live album(CD) to be released later this year (cant wait) I forgot to bring a pen in each time to write down the set list but me & my girlfriend memorized it more or less so hear goes: Happy Pills, Simple Lessons, It's Alright, 10,000 horses, Change, Don't you, Blossom, You, Lucy, Understanding, Arrow, Stones Throw, Breakaway, Sometimes (faster version) Also some classic covers: Purple Rain, Another Brick in the Wall, American Girl. Encore: Cover Me, No Sense (for Rozelle although you weren't there yet! sorry sweetheart) Look what you've Done, Far Behind, & Best Friend At the Reno show they had seats, which I'm not used to going to a box show. Kevin in fact said "you all seem so far away". The band usually will play Purple Rain before Sometimes. But at the Modesto show when Kevin strapped on the acoustic guitar he asked "do you all like Prince" A chorus of boos came from the crowd but Kev says "that's too bad cuz I like that sexy motha fucker" But they did not play Purple Rain and went straight to Sometimes (you FUCKED UP Modesto on that one and missed a killer version of Purple Rain) Also at Modesto a very large and vicious slam pit broke out to the right of the stage. At one point Kevin say's to the guys in the pit "do it old school and go around in a circle" and to emphasize his point started dancing in a circle onstage in true old school style> Kev also said "you know punk rock originated in Texas, don't you"? But the SF show was just pure magic. It was getting very hot upfront and about half way through the show the A/C fans at the Fillmore came on to the delight of the crowd (at least those of us upfront) The Fillmore show was also the place I was able to go back stage to meet the band. (thanks Jed & Heather) I first saw and said hello to Spider, Rob & Shannon. Then after a few minutes was led to the dressing room where Kevin & Pete were. Pete was in a discussion with some suits from Maverick. I finally interrupted them to shake Pete's hand and tell him he was on fire tonight and rocked the house big time. I then was able to say hello to Kevin. Everyone says he is such a down to earth guy, and you know what. THEY ARE ALL RIGHT. I felt like I was talking to someone I have known for years. He was just a regular guy not some rock star with an attitude. Just the fact that they make themselves accessible to their fans is awesome. I had my camera in my hand and Kev says "you want a take a pic" Woo Hoo. The whole Fillmore experience was so positive, from the person that greets you at the top of the stairs with "hello & welcome to the Fillmore". The great fans at the Fillmore who instead of slamming, peacefully passed people above their heads onto the stage and then back above our heads and gently placed on the ground. That's how all shows should be. I feel so fortunate to have been part of something so truly magical. Thanks to everyone in the band including the hard working road crew. Keep on Keepin On.

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