The Heartland. South Bend, Indiana. Mar 5th, 1999 by Mike.

I live in South Bend Ind.,Notre Dame. I went to Heartland for the Candlebox show, and I was amazed! See, I've been listening to candlebox from the time they started! Well, I saw them (March 5,1999) he was fucked up! I met your boy Peter, and got his autograph too! Just before the concert, I went to the Marriott where they were staying and met a roadie, and asked him if they would play ARROW, and wouldn't you know they played it first! After the show, I went up to that same dude and he said how did you like the first song;cool huh? So here we are jamming like were gonna die, and they start to fire one up on stage, and wouldnt you know, no lying either, I smoke that same hooter!! They played most of HAPPY PILLS but a couple, but they played my song, BLINDERS, the best! They even did Ac/Dc-Done Dirt Cheap, and Tom Petty-American Girl, and on American Girl Kevin played drums!!!! All I have too say is thank you Candlebox for making inspiration come true (INSPIRED ALONE AND I SWARE I CAN SAY TO YOU) I play guitar myself,and I know just about every one:favs-Vulgar, Arrow, Mothers Dream, Blinders, So Real, He Calls Home, and Its Amazing.

P.S. After the show we even danced with GOODNESS ,and the boys !!!!!!!!! Them chicks are awesome!!!!

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