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Candlebox Poll

If you do not see a "Send" button at the bottom of the poll, it will not work with your browser. Please e-mail me and i will send the questions to you.

What's your favorite CD?

What's your favorite song from "Candlebox"?

What's your favorite song from "Lucy"?

What's your favorite song from "Happy Pills"?

Who's the best band in the world?

What are 3 other good bands?

Which Candlebox video is your favorite?

How many times have you seen Candlebox live?

What's your favorite rare song?

What song from the latest cd "Happy Pills" do you think should be released for radio airplay?

What is your favorite Candlebox guitar solo?

What's your favorite Candlebox lyric?

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and now.... ladies and gentlemen.... here are the results of CandleShop's online Candlebox poll:

Favorite CD:
Candlebox= 49
Lucy= 5
Happy Pills= 21

Favorite song from "Candlebox":
Don't You= 1
Change= 6
You= 17
No Sense= 5
Far Behind= 17
Blossom= 3
Arrow= 4
Rain= 5
Mother's Dream= 2
Cover Me= 12
He Calls Home= 2

Favorite song from "Lucy":
Simple Lessons= 13
Drowned= 3
Best Friend= 13
Crooked Halo= 2
Become (To Tell)= 3
Understanding= 10
Bothered= 2
Butterfly= 5
It's Amazing= 3
Vulgar Before Me= 4
Butterfly (Reprise)= 3

Favorite song from "Happy Pills":
10,000 Horses= 4
Happy Pills= 8
It's Alright= 9
Blinders= 5
A Stone's Throw Away= 17
Offerings= 2
Sometimes= 17
Step Back= 1
Breakaway= 4
Look What You've Done= 2

Best Band:
Candlebox= 75

Other Good Bands:
Pearl Jam= 25
Nirvana= 4
Mudhoney= 3
Metallica= 8
Blind Melon= 4
Creed= 11
The Black Crows= 2
Foo Fighters= 3
Better Than Ezra= 2
Rancid= 2
Led Zeppelin= 4
Nine Inch Nails= 2
Alice in Chains= 6
Soundgarden= 5
Bush= 5
Live= 3
Soak= 2
Sam the Dog= 2
KoRn= 2
Stabbing Westward= 4
Collective Soul= 6
Fuel= 2
Athenaeum= 2
The Nixons= 4
Guns -N- Roses= 3
Tool= 3
Minor Threat= 2
Deftones= 2
Oleander= 2
Def Leppard=2
Brother Cane= 2
Stone Temple Pilots= 2
Aerosmith= 2
other= 61
"other" is for bands that only got one vote,
and they will be added the list as they get more votes.

Favorite Video:
Change= 1
You= 7
Best Friend= 4
Cover Me= 3
Far Behind= 19
Understanding= 11
Simple Lessons= 1
all of them= 3

Number of times seeing Candlebox live:
0= 20
1= 17
2= 15
3= 8
4= 3
5= 2
6= 0
7= 1
8= 1
9= 1
10= 1

Favorite rare song:
Can't Give In= 8
Over it= 1
old Bothered= 2
Featherweight= 4
Pull Away= 4
Steel and Glass= 3
Glowing Soul= 6
Purple Rain= 2
In My Memory= 2
Sweet Emotions= 1
all of them= 1
Listen (Take Two)= 1

What song from "Happy Pills" should be released?
10,000 Horses= 2 (already released)
It's Alright= 2 (already released)
Happy Pills= 1 (already released)
Blinders= 5
A Stone's Throw Away= 8
Offerings= 2
Sometimes= 9 (already released)
Breakaway= 4
Look What You've Done= 1
all of them= 3
none of them= 2

Favorite solo:
10,000 Horses= 2
Rain= 2
the one near the end of Rain= 1
A Stone's Throw Away= 1
Far Behind= 6
Far Behind (live)= 1
Bothered= 3
Butterfly= 1
Sometimes= 3
You= 1
Arrow= 1
Change= 1
No Sense= 1
Sometimes= 1
all live solos= 1
all of them= 2

Favorite Candlebox lyric:
"Maybe I will and maybe I won't. Maybe I can't but God only knows, I won't be the puppet strings you hold on." ~Look What You've Done=1
"Is this blood on my hands all for you?" ~You=1
"You glimmer and gleam like a blond washed hair from an ocean side domain, Drifting into me, I found myself again in her song" ~It's Alright=3
"Leave me alone, you want to drag off my cigarette. Find your own. Life, it never made promises. In my face and do you know you were never meant. No time for fucking arrogance." ~Breakaway=3
"And I'll raise my head up, and I'll shed this shell off and I'll flutter on. Beautiful" ~Butterfly (Reprise)=2
"And it's all been unadulterated lies. They keep telling you, They'll keep telling you how i want to raise everything, It's on my own. Nothing special lately. Nothing special, maybe." ~Understanding=1
"What I have is what I fear, I fear it for you" ~Cover Me=1
"Then someday comes, tomorrow holds, a sense of what I feel for you in my mind, as you trip the final line." ~Far Behind=2
(all of 'Cover Me')=2
"You left me far behind" ~Far Behind=1
"Leave it all in the past and move on, Might find your way home." ~Step Back=2
"Feels like the strain that everybody's giving to me. Won't let my hands get tied, gonna ride it all out." ~10,000 Horses=1
"Don't you push your drugs in my face, yes I'm feeling- feeling fine. Don't you push your drugs in my face or I'm gonna put you in your place. FUCK YOU!!! I don't want it no more." ~You=7
"I got lost sometime ago- Lost in your song, your touch, your smile, and where I want to grow old." ~It's Alright=3
(10,000 Horses)=1
(the whole first verse to 'Far Behind')=1
"Where we're at right now baby, it's where we need to be." ~It's Alright=1
"He says brother can you spare, can you spare a dime? I'm down to my last dollar." ~He Calls Home.=1
"Sometimes we carry more weight than we own... oh but sometimes... Sometimes goes on." ~Sometimes=2
"Sometimes we'll slip, fall, fade, we'll fuck it all up." ~Breakaway=1
"Now maybe I didn't mean to treat you oh so bad, but I did it anyway." ~Far Behind=1
"Can you feel my pain as you walk on by? Will you tell me you need me everytime...?" ~Blossom=1
"Never knew how much I loved you until you're gone." ~A Stone's Throw Away=2
"I realized it through this song, I sing out loud and call your name. Do you feel I'm only someone you could never ever know? In it all you find, you see you're not that far from me. So walk and hold your head up high, a stone's throw away." ~A Stone's Throw Away=3
(all of 'You')=4
"I see some things in your eyes that I've never been shown before" ~Offerings=1
"My love to you..I've been this space for you...Our crooked halos and I, I fall to you again. Some things I, some things I've never been told." ~Crooked Halo"=1
(all of "Vulgar Before Me")=1
"Thought to feel it in your life, Thought to take your time to grow" ~Become (To Tell)=1
"Look what you're offering, but your hands have emptied my soul again" ~Offerings=1
"As I stand here I ponder greater things. No longer part of, a part of your lover's dreams. So much for your common complications." ~Change=1
(all of 'Far Behind')=1
(all of 'Offerings')=1
(all of 'Sometimes')=1
(all of 'Blossom')=1
"These words left unspoken, change for the sake- change for the sake of change." ~10,000 horses=1

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